Young Frankenstein 1974Directed by Mel Brooks
Starring: Gene Wilder, Marty Feldman, Peter Boyle, Teri Garr, Madeline Kahn, Cloris Leachman, Kenneth Mars, Gene Hackman
Release Date: December 15, 1974
20th Century Fox

Young Frankenstein is the hilarious monster movie and comedy directed by Mel Brooks. It's a far cry from the original book by Mary Shelley, but it pays homage to the original movies and plays, and the entire horror and monster movie industry. This fantastic comedy can be purchased today on either DVD or blu-ray, and you'll love all of the wacky movie poster art and other memorabilia available as well.

Young Frankenstein movie posterMade in 1974, Young Frankenstein is not about the original monster and Henry Frankenstein, but instead about Dr. Frederick Frankenstein, the grandson of the famous scientist, played by Gene Wilder. After inheriting his estate he is eventually inspired to carry on some of the original experiments, and brings the monster back to life.

Many of the scenes in this monster comedy mimic those of the earlier films and plays very closely, although of course with a humorous twist. Gene Hackman has an appearance as a blind hermit who has an encounter with the monster, who is played by Peter Boyle. Not only do many of the scenes parody the original, but much of the equipment props used in Young Frankenstein were the same ones used in Frankenstein 1931!

After the initial escape, Frankenstein is able to work with and train the monster, eventually putting on a music show with him. However, he becomes frightened and escapes once again. After escaping and causing havoc, the monster has a run in with Elizabeth, and then has a romping sexual encounter with her, loving his inhuman stamina and well endowed body parts. Before the public is able to hunt down and kill the monster, Frankenstein undergoes a transfer procedure, giving the monster some of his intellect.

Young FrankensteinThe monster, now educated and sophisticated, reasons with the people for his safe release. In the exchange, Frankenstein gets that well endowed body part in return, and ends up happily with his assistant Inga, while Elizabeth marries the monster. The movie has plenty of twists and turns from the original monster plot, but has a lot of similarities too, and plenty of laughs along the way.

This is definitely not how Mary Shelley wrote it up all of those years ago, but this monster comedy is one of the best of all-time. Buy the DVD or blu-ray, or bring home a great movie poster or two, and carry on the great tradition of this Mel Brooks monster flick.
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