The Curse Of Frankenstein 1957
Directed by Terence Fisher
Starring: Peter Cushing, Christopher Lee, Hazel Court, Robert Urquhart
Release Date: May 2, 1957
Hammer Film Productions

The Curse of Frankenstein is a British film produced in 1957 which brings its own new angle into the famous line of Mary Shelley inspired movies and plays. The film was made by Hammer Film Productions, and starred Peter Cushing and Christopher Lee. Today, it remains alive and well as a cult classic, with body DVD and blu-ray options available, chilling movie poster art, and much more.

THE CURSE OF FRANKENSTEIN POSTERIn this gorgeous monster movie, we see that Victor Frankenstein is in prison awaiting his execution for murder. He is to be sentenced for the murder of his servant, Justine. Victor begins to tell the story of his life and how he ended up in jail, waiting to be executed.

He begins by conducting experiments with Paul Krempe to try to reanimate animals and small creatures, eventually succeeding with a dog. Frankenstein wants more though, while Krempe wants nothing to do with doing the same with humans.

As the story continues, in the Curse of Frankenstein film, Frankenstein eventually finds a human body that has been hung, and uses its body for his experiment. He wants the brain of a professor however, to give it intelligence and wisdom. While he intends to murder the professor himself, the professor's brain is damaged in the process, creating a violent and brutal beast instead of a bright and reasoned one.

The Curse Of FrankensteinThe monster escapes, and Krempe is able to kill it. But yet again, the twisted Frankenstein wants to revive it, only now with the specific reasoning of murdering Justine, who is pregnant with his child, wants to marry him, and is threatening to alert the public about his experiments.

The plan of course backfires, with the monster trying to kill Frankenstein's actual fiancé, Elizabeth after killing Justine. The monster is shot and falls into a pool of acid, completely dissolving the body, and with no evidence of it existing, Frankenstein is put into jail for the murder of Justin. Krempe refuses to tell the authorities otherwise, and Frankenstein is led away for his execution.

As with most adaptations of the Mary Shelley novel, this one has its own unique story and its own unique character arc. The Curse of Frankenstein is a fan favorite in the monster genre, and is one of the more highly rated of any of the movies. You can buy it on DVD or blu-ray, or bring home some fun monster movie poster art from one of best the British takes of the story.

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