Lady Frankenstein 1971
Directed by Mel Welles
Starring: Joseph Cotten, Rosalba Neri, Paul Muller, Paul Whiteman, Renate Kasché
Release Date: October 22, 1971
Condor International Productions

Lady Frankenstein was a unique take on the classic monster story originated by Mary Shelley. In this Italian horror and monster movie, an entirely new and twisted storyline emerges, although many of the classic points and features remain. You can now find the monster film available on both DVD and blu-ray, and memorabilia including poster art is available widely as well.

Lady Frankenstein PosterIn the movie, the gorgeous Rosalba Neri plays the daughter of Baron Frankenstein, Tania. She knows about his reanimation experiments, understands what he is doing, and has plans to continue them for herself. Frankenstein obtains a body following an execution and goes about on his experimentations.

Tania meanwhile is secretly watching them go to work, creating the monster in the process. The monster ends up killing Frankenstein, and the daughter is left to her own devices, where she wants to continue with her own, new experiments. She reports the killing, but reports it as a burglary as opposed to something with the monster.

Loving the mind of her father's assistant, Dr. Marshall, and the body of her father's servant, Thomas, she decides to combine the two. She lures Thomas into a sexual encounter, than has Marshall kill him off. Tania then goes about combining the two, into her ideal mate, with the intellect of a Dr., and the great physical specimen of the assistant, who had been very mentally slow.

Lady Frankenstein
Meanwhile, the monster has been causing havoc around the village, killing many different people. The villagers then decide to storm and burn down the castle, to end all of the madness, which is now furthered along by Tania even after the death of her father.

The monster arrives at the same time, and fights with the Dr. Marshall and Thomas hybrid, eventually losing. Tania doesn't really know which side she is fighting for during the encounter, however. Tania and her new mate end up having sex, only to have this new monster kill her during the intercourse, and the film ends in that fashion.

Lady Frankenstein is a very unique telling of the monster tale indeed. Mary Shelley didn't pen anything quite like this, but the movie is a B level classic, and has many fans. Of course, Neri, playing the gorgeous and twisted Tania, doesn't hurt. Fans of classic horror and monster movies should absolutely pick up a blu-ray or DVD copy of this fun watch.

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